It all started when…

…I was living out my so-called dreams in my busy marketing career in London and I fell sick with unexplained, extreme fatigue.

At first, I had no idea ‘why me’; I was definitely in denial.

My career was flying, I was presenting at huge conferences, I had created an amazing personal brand, I loved my clients, this was what I wished for… to move to London and work hard to be the best I could be, right?


I didn’t know it at the time, but I was forgetting something crucial:

I was not a career robot.

I had a physical body that needed nourishing and caring for, not abusing with over- or under-eating, so-called ‘healthy’ fast food meals with hidden sugars and unnatural additives, eating at all times of day and night, then abusing it some more with erratic, yet demanding, workouts and sleep routines.

My body was starved of the nutrition it needed to support my mind in my work and support all the demands I had on it via all the additional physical stress that I was adding on top.

My mental health was also taking a beating since I was driving myself to work all hours of the day and night, with side projects that replaced socialising and relaxing… and joy.

There is no separation between our minds and our bodies since our minds are our brains. So, without nutrition, sleep, rest, and self care, I was spiralling down. I had warning signs, but I ignored them all.

This extreme fatigue halted my career, my social life, my exercise routines, my world-travel plans, finding love, everything. EXCEPT a door opened… that door led me to a steep, yet unimaginably-rewarding learning curve all about how to heal myself on every level you can imagine.

I tried everything:

  • Supplements

  • Quitting my job

  • Quitting my career

  • Sleeping more

  • CBT

  • Reiki

  • Moving cities

  • Avoiding foods I was intolerant to

  • … and so on and on and on… (I will publish a list of ALL the things one day soon! Watch this space!)

… until finally…

I found and freed myself, as cheesy as that sounds, but there is no other way to describe it.

When you find the keys to your personal wellness,
you unlock your hidden potential.

If you are on a journey back to health and fitness, ready to reclaim your zest for life, feel confident and energetic in your body again, I can recommend many different things. But the ones that have had the biggest impact in my life and that I use every.single.day have been:


Flooding my body with nutrient-dense foods, most of which are organic or at least abide by extremely high quality standards and ethics. Having regular meal times. Enjoying all food (yes, including ‘naughty foods’!) as part of a nutrition plan.


Working with talented practitioners to release old negative thought patterns that kept me driven, anxious and exhausted. Training as a practitioner in the techniques that worked the best for me (EFT ‘tapping’, Matrix Reimprinting). Finding Yoga and diving deep into the philosophies and using them as a way to centre myself and come back to a sense of peace as often as possible, even in turbulent times.


Finding exercise that suited me at each of the stages I was at, and at a frequency and intensity that suited me. At first this was as simple as walking. Then Yoga. Then hiking. Then running. And now I’m being supported by a personal trainer as I embark on my first ever structured strength training program. Along the way I trained as a Yoga teacher, which helped me increase awareness and mindfulness in my body, blending the philosophies with my body goals helped me to remember the prize is in the process, the joy is in the journey… “Relax and you’ll go further” is what my yoga teacher always used to say! (Thanks Chris!)

Ready to embark on a wellness transformation of your own?